Frequently asked questions.

Do you have a facility where I can come and play?

We currently provide the equipment based on you providing the field/space. Most public parks, schools, community halls and sports clubs provide the perfect space for any of our equipment and usually require permission or to attain a permit prior to play. This is something you can organise yourself or, we can arrange for you (extra costs may apply)

do i need a full-sized soccer stadium?

No. With bubble soccer, depending on group size we can happily provide an inflatable pitch. However, for smaller groups it is generally better to keep the field smaller.
Archery attach usually requires 10 x 25/30 metre areas based on 10 players.
Our giant dart requires around 10×10 metres.
All equipment is for use on grass or soft surface for safety of players and equipment.

do you require a liability waiver (and what about minors) ?

Yes, we do. As with any athletic sport, there is a risk of physical injury when playing. We will ensure you’re confident in using all equipment and will also provide an event host to supervise the day, but you are responsible for playing safely and sanely. For minors, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver.

do i have to blow up the equipment myself?

No, all equipment will be set up by our friendly staff prior to your event starting.

do i need any additional equipment?

No, we provide anything necessary for use of our equipment. We recommend you bring water and sunscreen!

what do i wear?

Runners and comfy sports gear! Try to avoid singlets when playing bubble soccer as the straps can rub on your shoulders. We also do not provide shin guards so if you choose to wear them with our bubble soccer please BYO. And lastly, If you have long hair we recommend you tie it up!

what if i change my mind and want a refund?

All our equipment requires a booking deposit and then payment in full the day before your event. If you give us 48 hours notice of cancellation we keep 50% of deposit amount and happily refund you the rest. We appreciate that situations change, however, if you book our equipment we strongly ask that you try to be considerate of our business and keep this booking. If you’ve booked the equipment this means someone else has potentially missed out on booking it for this day.

do you include a referee to explain everything?

Yes, every hire includes a friendly event host. Their job is to make sure equipment is used properly,, everyone is staying safe and everyone is happy and comfortable throughout the day.

can i just rent the equipment and do everything myself?

No. We take pride in making sure our equipment is used properly and safely. We also want every experience with us to be a positive one. Having our friendly event staff host your event is a great way for us and you to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely.

is there a minimum or maximum age?

No, each equipment is different and comes in sizes to suit most ages/heights/abilities. However we would generally only recommend our Giant Dart for anyone under 7 years old.

is the equipment fun?

Yes. It’s even more fun than it looks! Kids especially, do not want the fun to end

do you have a venue to host our event?

There are a number of schools, parks and community halls across Geelong. We don’t have a set venue, we recommend acquiring a permit (if necessary) for one of these places. Having trouble getting a venue sorted? Contact us and let us know and we’ll do our best to set up a spot for you!

what kind of space do we need to have in order to host?

For any of our inflatables we can generally set up at your home (provided it is grass).

In order to run an event such as archery battle/nerf war or bubble soccer we usually need at least a 20x15m space. The surface needs to be dry and non-abrasive. Grass is best as it’s safer on our bodies however indoor basketball courts can be used proved the ground is non abrasive.

what happens of it rains?

We are happy to play in all conditions! Or we can move the game to an indoor venue or reschedule.

i have a field/venue/related business, can i partner with you?

Yes! please get in touch.

i have a question that isn't answered here?

Drop us an email!